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„2go“ new screen in Mažeikiai - „Centras“

Studies show that outdoor advertising on screens receives 400% more attention than static outdoor stands. Therefore, if you have not yet decided which advertising method would attract the largest audience and number of customers, choose the "2go" LED outdoor screen "Centras" installed in Mažeikiai.

2go new screen in Mažeikiai - "Naftininkų"

About 187 thousand people pass through the 2go Naftininkai outdoor screen installed at one of the busiest intersections in Mažeikiai (Naftininkų St. and Žemaitijos St.). cars, so your broadcast advertising is guaranteed to be noticed even when coming or coming from a distance.

Led outdoor display network in Lithuania and Latvia - "2go"

Wondering how advertising will help attract a larger audience and more customers? Do you want your advertising to be of high quality and visible throughout Lithuania? The 2go outdoor display network will help solve these issues! Advanced LED technology "2go" outdoor screens - a reliable choice for your advertising.

Creation of advertising clips

The 2go outdoor display network can be described in three words - perseverance, perseverance and responsibility. This brand is a link between the seller and the buyer, so 2go is committed to ensuring that customers are visible and that citizens receive focused and reliable information about the goods and services prevailing in a competitive market.

Outdoor screens for advertising broadcasts - directly to the target

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to reach a particularly wide audience through advertisements for their activities. It is simply impossible not to notice the “2go” outdoor advertising screens installed on the extremely busy streets and objects of sights of Lithuania and Latvia, so there is almost no doubt that the advertising really reaches the most important target groups.

“2go” new screen in Vilnius – “Nordika”

Outdoor advertising will be effective if it is displayed in a highly visible place. And that is exactly what the “2go” outdoor screens network with advanced LED technology offers to its customers! A high-resolution outdoor screen is installed on the “Nordika” shopping centre building in the Vikingų street. A huge line of supermarkets – “Senukai”, “Elektromarkt”, “Rimi”, “Sports Direct”, “Ikea” and etc.

How do brands communicate in a crisis?

Given the current situation, we want to help businesses recover as quickly as possible from the effects of quarantine. Therefore, by encouraging the use of this situation for the communication of brand values and innovations, we provide a 60% discount on advertising on outdoor screens during quarantine.

"2go" new screen in kaunas - "Mega"

The outdoor advertising delights customers not only near the heart of the city, but also at the “Mega” Shopping, Entertainment and Leisure Centre, which captures a really high traffic flow.

"2go" new screen in kaunas - "Akropolis"

This year, the outdoor screens of advanced LED technology "2go" have arrived to the temporary capital - Kaunas! Do you want your advertisement to be not only noticed but also memorized? We offer to choose the most visible “2go” network outdoor screen in the country – “Akropolis”!

"2go" latest screen in Klaipėda - „Baltijos prospektas“ (“Baltijos Avenue”)

Advanced LED technology, no annoying effect on the eyes, the highest screen resolution in the port city. And this is only a part of the benefits of the huge screen at the intersection of Baltijos Avenue (Baltijos prospektas) and Minijos street (Minijos gatvė) that “2go” offers to its clients.

"2go" new two LED screens in Mazeikiai

These outdoor screens are seen on average of 187 thousand times per week. Screen size is 18.6 sq.m and a resolution is 640 x 288 pixels. These outdoor screens with advanced LED technology are also called “2 in 1” - two screens are installed on the building, facing in different directions.

„2go“ – Eco Screens, Eco Advertising!

The busy city intersection is probably the place that is least associated with ecology. Huge traffic, traffic jams during rush hours and audible signals are a daily occurrence for the residents of major Lithuanian cities.